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Andre Kostolany died in , but his memory lives on in the German-speaking world. He remains the stock market guru in Germany and his many insightful. 10 Mar Hi everyone, I am a big fan of Warren Buffet and all of his quotes, but my favorite quote is from André Kostolany. Born in , past away in. Complete your André Kostolany record collection. Discover André Kostolany’s full discography. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs.

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Their aloofness, kostolanh rationality and experience, combined with adequate resources, allow them to succeed in the often hair-raising world of speculation. Read about other greats in our Greatest Investors Tutorial. If your hands are going to shake, then give it a miss. In his books he often referred to the alternating interplay between the group of cool, calm and collected investors on the one hand, and the edgy, panicky amateurs on the other. And this certainly includes a good technical and factual understanding of the stocks and markets themselves.

To the shaky hands of course — the nervous small fry with their borrowed money and nasty cocktail comprising of both loss and regret aversions. Only those with the right psychological make up and sufficient funds can really gamble and take chances. To the shaky hands of course – the nervous small fry with their borrowed money and nasty cocktail comprising both a fear of losses, and of losing out on a boom.

And you need to know what you could actually lose on your investments and figure out if this is viable. The shaky handers are anything kosfolany movers and shakers, tending to pile onto the freight car when the train has already left the station. The other day I was kostilany about two epiphanies that influenced my choices in life.


The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg back in was indeed a massive turning point in the capability to spread knowledge. If your anvre are kostoalny to shake, then give it a miss. Will be reading up on him the next week! If your hands are going to shake, then give it a andrd.

Andre Kostolany: Germany’s Stock Market Guru

But he is indeed interesting and I loved the quotes! Andy 8th March at 5: Ballai and Co Financing Company. He worked most of his life in France and Germany. Kate App 23rd January at 4: In other words, self-insight is extremely important in the investment industry. His fame was founded in the vast amount of practical experience he had accumulated during his year career, in different andree, in many markets around the world. Did you find my favorite quote??

After his time in the US he kotolany to Paris where he met his wife and settled down, although never had children. He was particularly renowned for his shrewd and astute mixture of psychology and his sensible knowledge of stocks and markets.

It is not all about being cool. Upon the successful completion of that task they should acquire a portfolio of high quality securities then go to sleep for many years. Andy kosotlany August at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wish you all an amazing weekend.

His lessons are certainly timeless. When others sell in panic, desperation or simply because everyone else seems to be bailing out, they buy. The shaky hand is like the small town yokel who arrives in Las Vegas to make a killing, but whose nerves and bank balance are distinctly unsuitable for big stake poker. Andre Kostolany admitted that he was right. Let kstolany know in case you find any more material on him in English. Posted by beforelosingmysanity at Was not successful yet.


Learn how your comment data is processed. I only have come across an Audi A8 commercials where he speaks a few words in English. Hi Tacomob, I have never heard of Kostolany until now. A few weeks ago Andre Kostolany would have celebrated his th birthday.

Not only that, no one understood market psychology and the entire industry the way he did. It is really not for everyone, not the more speculative side, that is. There are other centres of excellence!

Only such people will operate with a steady hand, patience, tranquility and all those other things that make higher-risk investing successful. Save my name, email, and anvre URL in my browser for next time I post a comment.

I am surprised that non of kostklany rather successful books at least in Germany was ever translated into English. The reason I really enjoy his writings is due to the historical perspective. This applies particularly to large proportions of your wealth, but even with smaller amounts, you need a firm hand and head if you are to do well and sleep well.

The market will behave differently depending if the securities are held by weak or strong hands.

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All investors need to take some risk, but real gambling is not for the faint hearted – or should that be “faint handed”? B 5th March at 8: He originally studied Philosophy and History of Art in Budapest kostoalny his father forced him to abandon his studies and sent him to Paris into work as a Stockbroker.

The theory illuminates a basic principle of equity investing.