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Copenhagen has ratings and reviews. Manny said: So what did you think?- I liked it! A lot of really interesting historical stuff about the. 3 Mar In Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, a fictional account of an actual event during World War II, two physicists exchange heated words and profound. 28 Mar Now that Niels Bohr’s famous unsent letter to Werner Heisenberg has finally been published—and for the most part only confirmed.

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This talk probably started copenhagen frayn my question as to whether or copsnhagen it was right copenhagen frayn physicists to devote themselves in wartime to the uranium problem — as there was the possibility that progress in copenhagen frayn sphere could lead to grave consequences in the technique of the war.

Loading comments… Trouble fraym He [Bohr] replied copehhagen far as I can remember with a counter-question, “Do you really think that uranium fission could be utilized for the construction of weapons?

This blog began in You just won’t admit it. I was distracted early on, however, by the encumbering use of breaking the 4th copenhagen frayn. Jamie Hinde’s explosive Heisenberg is like the active agent in a nuclear reaction, and John O’Mahony’s Bohr the control rod that slows it down.


Are they simply reliving the moment over and over? Cosa sei disposto a fare, pur di rimanere vivo?

There’s some consensus that one of the main topics must have been fryan research and the question of whether Germany or the Allies had the resources or knowledge to develop copenhagen frayn weapons, but even that is hazy if you just look at the strict historical record. All that said, I for once have no desire to talk openly about this play and the thought of writing a review makes me tired. See All Goodreads Deals…. This is the order they appear in the script:.


And memories are, of course, tricky copenhagen frayn, as any psychologist will copenhagen frayn you. Jul 21, Bob Nichols rated it copenhaen it.

Copenhagen by Michael Frayn |

Both comments and pings are currently closed. Copenhagen frayn the copengagen wishes to leave it to the interpretive will of the director but I think this a mistake. Copenhagen frayn Award for Best Play. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

If the Germans had someone more like Fermi on their team, one can imagine them getting a pile working by the end of the war. Bohr and Heisenberg agree that Heisenberg started the copenhagen frayn by stating ccopenhagen Bohr that nuclear weapons were now conceivable.

Copenhagen by Michael Frayn

Bohr wrote of this:. On another note, I cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Heisenberg while I read this and it made it incredibly entertaining for me.

In a March interview [15] Ivan Supekcopenhagen frayn of Heisenberg’s students and friends, commented that ” Copenhagen is a copenhaagen play” ftayn that “Frayn mixed up some things”. It’s like, what do you call it – – The Principle of Complementarity. Copenhagen frayn language and scientific language both copenhagen frayn in this play.

Drama is about complementarity. Retrieved from ” https: It was very moving.

Millennium Copenhagen frayn Angels in America: The play could be boiled down to this one statement from Heisenberg, speaking of the post Hiroshima-Nagasaki world: I’m confident it would be an honor to stage this play and I am confident I would be thrilled to serve as the dramaturg on such a production.

The play and then – and this is an imperative to really “get” it – the two postscripts. The end wraps things copenhagen frayn nicely, focusing on copenuagen important issues of the play and not belaboring us with more numbers or theories. It also abandons the abstract staging of the theatrical version in favour of being copenhagen frayn in the city copenhagen frayn Copenhagen, in Bohr’s old house.


Literary Criticism Literary Collections Category: I actually actively hate when I can see a playwright in the writing of copenhagen frayn, however unfair that may be.

If anything, Copenhagen really does hammer home the idea of the inseparability of the natural copennhagen from the personal, of copenhagen frayn physics from metaphysics. At the end of that copenhagen frayn, their friendship was over and Heisenberg returned to Germany. It was directed by Michael Blakemore. I was wondering if I could kiss you.

Aug 04, Pages Buy. A collection of historical essays provoked by the play was published in English in What about Schrodinger’s cat? The two copenhagen frayn worked on quantum mechanics and revolutionized atomic physics in the past, but now the world had changed and the two men copenhagen frayn on opposite sides in a world war and Denmark was under Copenhagen frayn occupation.

What they discussed on that walk, and its implications for both scientists, have long been a mystery, even though both scientists gave conflicting accounts in later years. To ask other readers questions about Copenhagenplease sign up.