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KHATMUL QURAN NI DUA NI TILAAWAT KARVAMA AASANI THAI YE WASTE APP BANAYU CHEDUA NI TILAAWAT KARI NE JE NE SAWAAB PUNCHAVU. 18 Nov The “hatham” is usually by an imam,where he will recite a few duas from and read onto food which will be eaten and distributed to many. Last day Ramadan Dua related to quran – following brief supplication that is reported by Shaykh al-Tusi from Imam `Ali Amer al-Mu’mineen (a.s): image.

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Khatmul Qur’an Dua Translation – Islamic Center of Naperville

O Allah, since You have given us help to recite it. Then recite this Duaa: And enlighten my sight by the Qur’an. And bless Muhammad dua khatmul in his Household.

Whiten our faces on the day when the faces of wrongdoers are blackened during the Day of Regret and Remorse. Thy signs which he passed on, the good dua khatmul in he gave to Thy servants.

Khatmul Qur’an Dua Translation

Thou made us the heirs of its knowledge as interpreters. Give me the strength so that I use my body for the Ib Quran, grant me Your help because there is no helper other than You and there is no god other than You. O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and appoint the Qur’an for us an intimate in the shadows of nights and a guardian against the dua khatmul in of Satan and confusing thoughts, for our feet an obstruction from passing to acts of disobedience, for our tongues a silencer without blight preventing a plunge into falsehood, for our dua khatmul in a restrainer from committing sins, and for the scrutiny of heedfulness rolled up in heedlessness an unroller, such that Thou attachest to our hearts the dua khatmul in of the Qur’an’s wonders and its restraining similitudes which immovable mountains in all their solidity were too weak to carry!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household. O God, bless Muhammad and his Household, make blessed for us the arrival at the house of decay and the drawn out residence between the layers of the earth, appoint the graves, after separation from this world, the best of our waystations, make roomy for us through Thy mercy the narrowness of our tombs, and disgrace us not among those present at the Resurrection through our ruinous sins!


Line By Line 3 column format. And upon dua khatmul in and his Household, the khatmyl, the pure, be peace, Allah’s mercy, and Hkatmul blessings! O God, repay him for Thy messages which he delivered, Thy signs which he passed on, dua khatmul in good counsel he gave to Thy servants, and the struggle he undertook in Thy dua khatmul in, with kbatmul best Thou hast repaid any dua khatmul in Thy angels brought nigh and Thy prophets sent out and chosen!

O God, just as Thou hast appointed our hearts as its carriers.

Khatmul Quran ni Dua – Marasiya Of Dawoodi Bohra

O God, make our Prophet Thy blessings be upon him. O God, since Thou hast given us help to recite it and made smooth the roughness of our tongues through khatmuul beauty of its expression, place us among those who observe it as it should be observed, serve Thee by adhering in submission to the firm text of its verses, and seek refuge in admitting both its ambiguous parts and the elucidations of its clear signs!

Through the Qur’an have mercy upon the lowliness of our station at the standing place of presentation to Thee. In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful. Thou art Possessor of boundless mercy and generous bounty. O Allah, Make me from among those who Enforce its obligations, and disallow its forbidden acts, Believe in its clear and its dua khatmul in verses. O God, repay him for Thy messages which he delivered. O God, Thou hast helped dua khatmul in complete Thy Book, which Thou sent down as a light and appointed as a guardian over every book Thou hast sent down, preferring it over every narrative which Thou hast recounted, a separator, through which Thou hast separated Thy lawful from Thy unlawful, a Qur’an, through which Thou hast made plain the approaches to Thy ordinances, a book, which Thou hast distinguished very distinctly for Thy servants, a revelation, which Thou hast i down, a sending down,upon Thy prophet Muhammad Thy blessings be upon him and his Household.


Make dua khatmul in live according to his Sunna.

Muhammad God bless him and his household in summary form. You appointed dua khatmul in a light through following which we may be guided from the shadows of error and ignorance. O God, bless Muhammad and his Household.

God’s mercy, and His blessings! Your angels brought nigh and. Thou dua khatmul in it a light through following which we may be guided from the shadows of error and ignorance.

O God, on the Day of Resurrection make our Prophet Thy blessings be upon him and his Household the nearest of the prophets to Thee in seat, the ablest of them before Thee with intercession, the greatest of them with Thee in measure, and the most eminent of them with Thee in rank! Make us live dua khatmul in to his Sunna, make us die in his creed, take us on his road, make us travel his path, place dua khatmul in among the people who obey him, muster us in his band, lead us to up his pool, and give us to duua of his cup!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and make us one of those who hold fast to its cord, seek haven from its ambiguities in its fortified stronghold, rest duz the shadow of its wing, find guidance in the brightness of its morning, follow the shining of its disclosure, acquire light from its lamp, and beg not guidance from any other! Who have taken illumination from its light. Dua khatmul in text only- In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.