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This Pin was discovered by David Mazuera. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Extract from Lecture #, from pages of El Quinto Evangelio () by Samael Aun Weor “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE VERB” Do your practice. -Samael Aun Weor [excerpt from transcript No. , “Samael no busca dinero ni gloria”, in El Quinto Evangelio pp. ] Lo único que sí me interesa es.

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He has full authority, as it el quinto evangelio samael aun weor been given to him here quintk the Patriarchal Seat of the Gnostic Movement in Mexico, to organise in the most plausible way, to guide as he deems appropriate. The consciousness will be asleep as long as it remains jammed, bottled, trapped, among those subjective psychic aggregates that make up the myself, the oneself.

Thus, once the ecstasy has passed, we still retain in the mind the memories of all we have lived in that ineffable region. Each of the apostles brought drops of their own blood in their cups, and emptied these into the chalice of Jesus Christ.

Asociación Gnóstica de Estudios de Antropología y Ciencias

In the Superior Intellect. While inhaling, let us imagine the Weoor Energy rising along the spine up to the brain, i. Newer Post Older Post Home. Do not forget that self-consciousness is indispensable in order to see, hear, touch and feel the cosmic truths. Homer tells that the soothsayer answered the call and was able to totally materialize thanks to the blood.

V.M. Samael Aun Weor Books

The blood ritual that took place during the last supper, where the blood of Christ was drunk by his disciples, served to link the disciples of Christ to his astral body. The sexual force evanngelio help us greatly in our liberation and it accompanies the initiate on his or her path. The word mantra is a compound word made up of the two words manas and tra.

El quinto evangelio samael aun weor ceremony of blood was not improvised by egangelio Divine Master. Meaning one will stay brothers with the other for whole of life and beyond even.

Because sound made creation possible, the building blocks so to speak of creation are in sound.


The following sections explain why. Nothing is lost in the universe; there will always be entities to nourish themselves on the life given off by a few drops of blood. Hades is el quinto evangelio samael aun weor depicted wielding a two pointed staff in his left hand and in his right a tame and leashed three headed dog Cerberus.

Indeed, it is only when they enter into more complex animal organisms, and eventually adopt a human body, that they lose their notions of what they had known. OS we have something o g our very own Being in our blood. Wor people are injured, they lose blood. If we persevere, if we do not sanael heart in the work, the irruption of the Void into us will come eventually, one day.

In any case, it is obvious that, in order to form the Enlightening Void, we need, firstly, a generator; secondly, a suction pump; thirdly, a dynamo. All these psychological defects, which we carry within, are indeed multifaceted, each having many legs, many roots. As long as it circulates within the body, blood is protected, as if sealed in a container. So that is how Hades, myth says, became the lord of the underworld.

I have asked our brother J. Blood is formed last in the embryo, indicating to us quinfo blood is el quinto evangelio samael aun weor very evolution or derivation within us.

On quinro the bread and drinking the wine, the Christic atoms evanglio diffused throughout our whole el quinto evangelio samael aun weor and pass to the internal bodies to awaken in us those powers of a solar nature. When we go beyond the el quinto evangelio samael aun weor, beyond the affections, and beyond the mind, we indeed experience an element that radically transforms us.

Our work should gradually become deeper and deeper. As the meditation becomes more intense, the sexual energy will become centripetal, i.

Esoteric | Esotericism

The mind must be quiet and in deep silence; the eyes, shut. Whereas it was flowing in a centrifugal way before, it will become increasingly centripetal as the inhalation becomes more and more profound, deeper. The missionaries should never complain because the food is not good enough, or because their bed is not el quinto evangelio samael aun weor good, or because they have to sleep in this or that hut or hovel.

Water evahgelio Esoteric Side of Sanskrit Mantra Mantras The word mantra is a compound word made up of the two words manas and tra. All the great Avatars have verified it since ancient times. You can see, therefore, how the sexual energy helps us for meditation, but it has to become more and more centripetal.


This evqngelio reminds me of the three classes of sexuality which are infra, normal and supra, as well as the three uses which are physical, magnetic and el quinto evangelio samael aun weor. As a final note, articles in this section are of a doctrinal and practical nature. There is a history and a definite topic in esotericism to do with blood pacts.

Nonetheless, do not forget that comprehension comes first. Does one need to manufacture her within?

El Quinto Evangelio- Samael Aun Weor | Frases celebres nacidas del corazón | Pinterest

So, I have said! My brethren, let us rejoice when we discover a defect! Sometimes the missionary has to eat in humble homes, in huts, in shacks, on rustic benches made of wood or stone, even on the el quinto evangelio samael aun weor, but he must always do it with infinite humility and profound veneration and respect, and with great love and joy.

Like a dog it saael be trained and stays obedient samae that training. In such a Great Void, we find the Laws of Nature. Such chanting, however, should be done in the mind, because it is not possible to inhale and to chant the mantra at the same time.

Very often they run away scared of themselves, but it is in vain; some I’s are seeing other I’s, and they all belong to one same entity. The first thing we must do is meditate, concentrate eavngelio the el quinto evangelio samael aun weor, try to comprehend it, try to know its intimate relations, its roots, and afterwards eliminate it. How to obtain it; how can it be achieved? The missionaries should be extremely humble.

It would be absurd of us to try to manufacture the Divine Mother. This is the horror! How could we possibly ever manufacture the Divine Mother?