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Grička vještica. Strong dark lager, with a gentle ruby red colour. A light, aromatic taste, with a rich fine sweetness and a pleasant aroma. We brew Grička vještica. Grička Vještica is very strong dark lager with characteristic hazy, soft ruby red color. It is labeld as the strongest Croatian beer. The taste is light, aromatic, rich. Extra strong dark beer, thick light ruby colour. Taste is light, aromatic, with full and fine sweetness and balanced flavour. Extract – 15%. ABV at some point from 7.

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The marriage ended abruptly with her escape from the house, first to Sremska Mitrovica and then to Zagreb, due to her husband’s and mother-in-law’s abuse. To give you gricma closer feeling of enjoyment in draft beer, when and where you want it, our “Beer Truck” is the ideal solution!

It is labeld as the strongest Croatian beer. Jul 17, Marija F. By using this page you declare that you are of legal age.

Definitely one of my favourite series. Marli rated it really liked it Jan 28, vjesttica Left such an impression on me the first time I had it in my hands.

Grička vještica | Sightseeing | Zagreb

Agram Stout Brewery Medvedgrad Black, creamy stout, with irresistible taste of roasted barley and malt. Delivery for Croatia 40 kn Make an order and arrange delivery for next day. A pleasant freshness of draft beer, fullness of taste and aroma of malt and hops is maintained by the ideal temperature of 3 to 5 degrees throughout the time of dispensing and allow it to retains original features. HrpaKnjiga rated it it was amazing Jun 23, Jul 02, Gabika rated it it was amazing. It was easy to read and so relaxing, but not boring!


There indeed are several love stories, but they fit perfectly into the big plan of the horrors of Inquisition and misogyny of the time. It should be served chilled to 5 degrees with a thick, white foam. These books are awsome! Despite her age and weak health, she continued fighting for the rights of women, even though it earned her the ridicule and animosity of her male colleagues, who repeatedly called her “a madwoman” and “mannish old hag”, until the day of her death.

I expected some light romance almost sillybut this book was hundred times better. I liked it so much. Nera and Sinisa are one of the most romantic couples these areas. I really don’t know how many times I’ve read them. Hardcoverpages. You can read more here. One box – 24×1 bottle Credit card paying option by ordering online. Oct 11, Jelena Ajdarevic rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Out of stock Read more Out of stock. Upon the formation of Independent State of Croatia, the magazine “Hrvatica” was forcibly canceled and her entire estate is taken from her, leaving her without means to support herself.

Continuing to use this website means you agree to our use of cookies. Cookie settings can be controlled in your browser. She was forced to write anonymously, under pseudonyms that hid her gender, and hide herself at work so nobody would notice there was a woman writing for and later running a newspaper. Sep 27, Maria Nikic rated it it was amazing.

Maybe last book is a bit grickka in my opinionit could easily be over with 6th book but we got even more than what we wanted: Vjesstica provide you with a better user experience, this site stores cookies.


Lists with This Book. It should be served chilled to 5 degrees with a thick, white foam. I never knew a lot about that particular part of history, so i learned quite a lot from these books. I read these books a few years ago and really loved them. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you vjestcia to read.

The critics and her colleagues, however, constantly put her down, ridiculed her work, slurred her as a person and as a writer, and deliberately ignored her in literary magazines and almanacs.

Gricka vjestica

Tamara rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Abbo rated it it was amazing. Jan 10, Marija rated it really liked it.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Gricia not a light romance, as I was expecting. Beer Truck reservation Mobile pub To give you a closer feeling of enjoyment in draft beer, when and where you want it, our “Beer Truck” is the ideal solution! Yes, it has a LOT of cliches, but grcka, i loved the historical context and the brutal realistic tone, and got especially attached with the character of Josip.

Grička vještica

Jul 15, Marijana rated it it was amazing. It is only sad that no one has ever thought to make a movie or series – well, that would be a soap opera that everyone watched! Jul 05, ABC rated it it was amazing. Out of stock Grricka more Out of stock. Masterpiece that leave you speechless Amila rated it it was amazing May 10,