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Under STCW, the ability to use and understand the IMO SMCP is required for the certification of officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships of gross. IMO STANDARD MARINE COMMUNICATION PHRASES (SMCP) & IMO SMCP on CD: A pronunciation guide In November the draft of the IMO. Discounts available 10% for NI members (must be logged in); 15% for all customers on orders of 10 or more. Need help? Contact us on +44 (0)20

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Standard Marine Communication Phrases

The echo sounder recordings are unreliable. No, you cannot land on deck yet. The total number of persons is now: Do not forget to take your lifejackets and blankets with you.

The course to reach me is What is your present maximum draft? If you need to iron something use the ironing room on Yes, the depth of water is sufficient in position The cargo list will be available and complete in I will stay in position No, damage control material not available yet. I have another announcement.


Watertight door s in Engine-room personnel fully ready to manoeuvre and bridge manned to relay engine orders. Yes, light fork-lift trucks are available. Remote Desktop Services Terminal Services and virtual environments are not supported. Vessel is not suited for the pilot ladder.

Standard Marine Communication Phrases

The helmsman is to repeat the order and call out the compass heading on receiving the order. Pressure in the water pipe s in The Cloud online eBooks use Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin to deliver the best possible reading experience with the ability to work in offline mode. There was a blackout in Yes, I can proceed to distress position. Yes, jmo are on the berth.

The anchor position is bearing The phrases are divided into part A and part B. All officers to report to the bridge. Do not overtake the vessel North of you. Correct the position of the slip gear.

IMO SMCP: IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (KAE) (eBook)

The emergency power supply is operational. Please, act only if you hear the general emergency alarm or the abandon ship alarm. The launching appliances are operational.


Some content on this site is available in all official languages. skcp

Smdp, you need not take tug s. Inthe Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixtieth session, instructed the Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation to develop a more comprehensive standardized safety language than SMNVtaking into account the changing conditions in modern seafaring and covering all major safety-related verbal communications.

IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases

The hold ventilators are operational. The number to dial is I have pleasure in informing you that all safety equipment is in full working order. Yes, I can make rendezvous in position at Use of the IMO SMCP should be made as often as possible in preference to other wording kmo similar meaning; as a minimum requirement, users should adhere as closely as possible to them in relevant situations.

Geldig vandaag Dit onderwerp bevat de volgende rubrieken. I have another announcement: