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Every reasonable person should spend time in isolation with his Lord -these moments should not be delayed or forgotten- and other moments to sit with his brothers in Tariqa for a reminder or a teaching or to acquire new knowledge. In all circumstances, one must observe contentment and submission to ALLAH The Glorified, The Exaltedwithout confusion or disturbance, or desire for change, except when it is the work of one’s own ego nafs ; in this case, one should hasten to turn in repentance to ALLAH for any transgression, because persistence in wrongdoing is forbidden.

The above classifications are all-inclusive, and this was mentioned in the word of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him who said: These benefits should be directed towards ALLAH’s servants, not all of them, but special ones, and then gradually from one to another according to proximity, without excess or negligence.

Then, he should take advantage of the best periods of time to isolate himself with ALLAH, such as the middle of the night, when people are sleeping, until dawn; the time after the Subh Prayer until Duha; and after ‘Asr Prayer until ‘Isha Prayer. His only concern should manai preoccupation with his own affairs.

One who longs for the hereafter forsakes the ornaments of this world; and whoever achieves all this, has a true respectful restraint towards ALLAH “. Madrassa Ahmediya Your questions Special reports. Full maanj and regard for the rights of the brothers in Tariqa should be observed and the fulfillment of these rights should not be delayed. One should devote time to benefit others from what one has acquired.

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And he must not imply that he is teaching his brothers because he is the most worthy of this: This restraint jswahirul by the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him is that of the common people.

He should beware of using meetings and knowledge with an aim to influencing common folk or becoming jawahiul in State affairs. However, for each person, this will depend on his station and degree, and as for the one who has been tested by the opposition to one of these criteria, he maani return to ALLAH, humiliating himself and beseeching Him, begging for His forgiveness, demeaning himself with humility, while holding himself in contempt, acknowledging his powerlessness and weakness before ALLAH.

This situation is well reflected in the words of Abbu-l-‘Abbas Mursi who said: Indubitably, that is the decency shown by the ‘Arifine.

He who uses these practices will succeed neither in this world nor in the hereafter. But with reverential fear!

He should work in this way, using common sense and his knowledge to reconcile that jawahirrul he is able to accomplish and the slackening that he needs jawahirull grant his ego so as not to generate lassitude, complying with the prophetic words that said: In fact, this occured in the gathering of ‘Arafat.

And in His Nearness there is true life. He who uses his search of knowledge as an excuse for turning away from his duties, has ruined his life in this world and the hereafter, and his word is true about that. This should be done without excess or negligence. Undoubtedly in His Withdrawal there is death. You have only ALLAH The Glorified, The Exaltedtherefore do not turn away from Him for another, or resort to other than Him, nor find excuses to leave His door, nor take refuge in other than Him when faced by difficultydistress and misfortune; mmaani relinquishing gratitude for His abundant and continuous blessings.

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Samia Ajdid “After mentioning ALLAH, and the prayer and salutation upon the Messenger of ALLAH peace and blessings be upon himhere is some advice for all those seeking advice for themselves, and the advice from the Lord is defined by the words of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him who said: Nor for a tenth of this hundredth or the thousandth!

Then, seeking nearness to ALLAH through destruction of attachment, enduring obstacles, renouncing all that is ambiguous, all kind of negligence and observation to things, all these should be undertaken not for things or by ruse towards ALLAH but to fulfill the requirements of Divine Magnificence and Great Majesty, and also for the Love of His Essence. One should always seek to satisfy them and not shirk them. If one wants to compete with religion, one will be overcome.

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I questioned people about him; one said that he was Abu ‘Ubeda Al Khawwas. This situation is well reflected in the words of Abbu-l-‘Abbas Mursi who said:. Then he recited more verses and disappeared among the people.

And also to safeguard His Beauty!