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Introduction to Proteus: Proteus professional is a software combination of ISIS schematic capture program and ARES PCB layout program. This is a powerful and. Proteus Professional design combines the ISIS schematic capture and ARES PCB As a professional PCB Design Software with integrated shape based auto . PCB Design using Proteus – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Once completed your schematic, click on ARES tab at the upper right of ISIS workspace. Click on ARES tab. 4. PCB Design Tutorial Rev A.

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Then our circuit is ready.

PCB Layout Design with Proteus | EngineersGarage

Apply heat by iron box or any other sources to the white printed paper. Then click in the work space proteus ares pcb design tutorial the selected component is placed in work space. In dotted PCB board only dots are available.

Connect all the components according to circuit then that designed circuit is show in below image. So select the components from library. Exclusive Digi-key Tools Embedded computers. Then a window will open with list of component packages. The proteus ares pcb design tutorial is shown in below figure. Now we are entering into the designing arres.

The layer selection in Proteus is at left down corner. Log in or register to post comments. In that tool bar click the component mode button or pick from library. This will prints the place of the components.


But what is PCB? Solder resist layer printout. Erase or remove the carbon layer by scratching the board with sand paper. Then drop the board into ferric-chloride liquid.

Then next click on the component name and change the angle of the component by using rotation arrow options if required.

When two components are successfully connected then green line will removed automatically. So top silk layer prints the components view.

Step by Step Tutorial. Click on the device and change the angle of the device protrus using rotate buttons. While printing the bottom copper layer one important thing is there, that is reflection selection. Select the width of the track from given list. Coming to duel layer PCB, tracking is done in two sides and components are placed proteus ares pcb design tutorial two sides also. After completion of tracking save the project in same folder where the above Uttorial project saved.

PCB Layout Design with Proteus

Tuforial is duel layer PCB designing. Connection representation in green line and yellow line shows the direction. There proteus ares pcb design tutorial so many PCB designing softwares available. To move component one place to another place click on selection mode and click on component then it change color with white and hold the component and moved to required place within the yellow box.


At prroteus time track width in case less than 25, there is a chance of occur cuts in tracks. In above image there is an orange circle. Taking prints of board layer is the final step.

Drill plot layer printing. Interface SD Card with Arduino.

In the above image red color represented circles are errors occurred while tracking. In above proteus ares pcb design tutorial image red tracks indicate top copper and blue tracks indicate bottom tracks. Coming to the layout PCB this is simple proteus ares pcb design tutorial design. While printing this layer only drill and board edge boxes is in selected position.

Top copper layer printout. In the above circuit the required components are timer IC, ? So to take print of the circuit layout, click on output in menu bar and click on print. To see the final circuit, click on output in menu bar and then select 3D visualization. The less width is useful in computer based PCB layering.