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5 Jan In this absorbing memoir, a departure in everything but title for Robert Kiyosaki ( Rich Dad Poor Dad), the investment guru and his Buddhist. 7 Jan “Rich Brother Rich Sister” combines the inspirational, true life stories of Robert Kiyosaki and his sister Emi Kiyosaki (Venerable Tenzin Kacho). 11 Jan Rich Brother Rich Sister is a much more personal look at the life of Robert Kiyosaki, along with his sister: Emi Kiyosaki, now known as the.

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Being in a family filled with some more practical and some more inclined towards the spiritual, I think this book would be a great asset to me as I try to find balance in my journey in life. Drawing will close on January 25, I would have thought that her high level of spirituality would have helped her to face this decision, and gain some insight and wisdom about it. Rich Brother, Rich Sister by siblings Robert and Emi Kiyosaki has the added squick rich brother rich sister robert kiyosaki that rich brother won’t help out sick sister with her health care costs unless she helps him write a book.

Jan 16, Yagya Gera sisteg it did not like it.

Kiyosaki always stirs up some controversy with his writing and I’ve siser meaning to see what the story is about. I wish the book had more examples from their lives and a little bit less theorizing, sermonizing, and explaining.

Rich Brother Rich Sister

My parents tried to help us be very individualistic, and we are. Being a strong believer in kismet, I find myself looking for signs and meaning in all daily acts often to a fault.


Rich brother rich sister robert kiyosaki an only child I obviously don’t have any siblings to compare myself to or compete with. While these two can perhaps coexist, in a general sense it seems when the balance is shifted more towards one, it is difficult to achieve the level desired of the other. As for the religious side of things, my family doesn’t really go to church and still in College I am exploring many different parts of who I am.

Book Review and Giveaway: Rich Brother Rich Sister

My younger sibling is more professionally successful, though with high expenses. It’s a book that I would have never said yes to because I don’t like reading self-help or get-rich-my-way type of books. Siblings are forever, cherish them always and they will cherish you in return. We defer our passions for our spare time, or hope to pursue them later. Was especially captivated by some of Robert Kiyosaki’s thoughts and how they kind of rich brother rich sister robert kiyosaki mine as well.

That’s when his spiel smelled faintly like snake oil, and grew stronger as rich brother rich sister robert kiyosaki bdother network marketing,the re-make of multilevel which is the remake if pyramid schemes.

Jul 14, Mayank Joshi rated it really liked it Shelves: I found Tenzin’s parts more interesting-although life as a Tibetan buddhist nun living in Western society and the conflicts that can arise are only covered superficially.

Which one of us made the best decisions regarding our degrees, career paths, etc?


Jul 07, Aysha rated it it was amazing. Kiyosaki is an interesting combination of inspirational leader, and full-of-it pompous businessman. Interesting and rich brother rich sister robert kiyosaki book. I am more interested in Emi’s point of view. Alaska Travel PlannerPaperback 3. Saw this one at the library and grabbed it.

Want to Read saving…. Will defiantly have to check this book out. I thought her lack of addressing the abandonment issue was a major flaw in Interesting and enjoyable book.

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Rich Brother Rich Sister by Robert T. Kiyosaki

I think this book would allow me to see how siblings with such different rich brother rich sister robert kiyosaki communicate and also an insight to a religious lifestyle that I am still unsure of sisterr view on for my own life. The real problem I see with our separate paths is that she and I don’t keep in touch as much as I’d like.

I have Rich Dad, Poor Dad waiting for me. Nora Roberts Hardcover Books. This book is a collaboration of famous author, Robert Kiyosaki and isster sister Emi Kiyosaki. He also claims his desertion from military duty.