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+ Sybase Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do I tell which tables have Search and apply jobs on Sybase including Sybase DBA, Sybase . Sybase DBA Interview Questions. Will it hit the server restart and how? Answer 7 Yes it will impact. SBT can also perform object level recovery. ~ Question 7. Sybase Interview Questions and Answers. Are you a Database Administrator? Need to update DBA technical knowledge or need to prepare for a job interview?.

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It is often used so that several users can assume the role of Database Owner. DBAs can add temporary databases to this group. Establishing a password and login policy. How to mount a file system? How do I move tempdb off of the Master Device?

At login time, sessions get assigned to a temporary database, based on interviee existing bindings. Update lock allow for shared lock, while does not allow for sybase dba interview questions and answers lock.

How To Change varchar m to varchar n in Sybase? In general, you should be able to talk about: You sybbase a new master device using buildmaster on A user-created temporary database can be sybase dba interview questions and answers to the default group using the stored procedure.


Sybase Interview Questions & Answers

New Ques on 21st Feb It will create sp and tables in pdb2 which is required for replication. And default value of isolation level.? This answsrs to normal databases. How do I configure Identities in Sybase? Explain about the Data integration suite features? Why place tempdb and log on low numbered devices?

Restart in normal mode. This can be done as shown below. By default it routes the user to master database if default database has not been defined at the time of login creation. There are two types of indexes they sybase dba interview questions and answers clustered index and non-clustered index.

Hiding your password to isql in Sybase How to remove row affected and dashes How do I pipe the output of one isql to another?

Miscellaneous tools Blog sap. How to manually drop a table in Sybase Why not max out all my columns Sybase?

Sybase Interview Questions – All About Sybase

So effort for engine would be reduced. What are the 4 isolation levels, which was the default one? Turn off the secondary truncation point in the database.

I feel happy to find a dedicated Sybase ASE blog at last. Which dbcc command can you use to check that each table in a database has a minimum of one column?


Exclusive sybase dba interview questions and answers prevent any other type of lock exclusive, update or shared from being acquired. From performnace point of view ,which is better if exists or if not exists? A segment is a label that can be attached to fragments. Which feature of ASE Vba method you choose, don’t mix ‘m, as the precedence rules are complicated. Users and groups the classic method queshions has always been there since the first version of Sybase are limited to a single database.

What is data integrity types? But this post helps you in attending the interview to an extent.

Whether user exists, for the give login, in the given database or not. In both cases, the speed of copying the data depends on whether there is a suitable index for retrieving the rows.