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Instructions for the Cook (Tenzo Kyokun). Eihei Dogen. A famous Zen manual on the symbolism of cooking and the “supreme meal”. This life we live is a life of. In a traditional Zen monastery, the position of tenzo, or head cook, is held by a monk who is considered to “have way-seeking mind, or by senior disciples with an. 1 FOOD PREPARATION ETHIC IN TENZO KYOKUN Sarah Khan HDS Introduction to Religion and Ecology 2 One of the manifestations of the modern.

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Tenzo kyokun you stand beyond opinions of right and wrong, you bring forth the practice of actualizing unsurpassable Awakening. Done in this way, Oryoki is enjoyable.

Tenzo Kyokun 6 – Seeing Things With a Buddha Eye

As well, when I left I didn’t ask for permission to be gone fenzo. Neither being the king of gods 92 nor a world ruler 93 can even compare with the Three Jewels. But when you engage in a continuous activity over a long period, you have to find your rest and your ease within the activity itself.

Traditionally only senior students gathered together in the Master’s quarters to receive teachings. Post was not tenzo kyokun – check your email addresses! One portion can be divided into two tenzo kyokun, or into thirds or fourths.

In this way, tenzo kyokun the most basic and practical actions become tools of transformation. The text actually says, “Jugo” or “the One of the Ten Names. Usually we work hard, then rest; then work hard again, then rest again.

Having prepared the food, put everything where it belongs. When the rice tenzo kyokun placed in the tenzo kyokun cooking pot, take care of it so that rats do not fall into it or idlers just hang tezo poking at it. Actually, the text says “the number of 3′ by tenzo kyokun spaces tan occupied in the Monks’ Hall. In fact, oryoki training is good training for working in the kitchen.

Tenzo Kyokun 4 – Things in their natural places

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If Tenzo kyokun am not there to prepare tomorrow’s meal it tenzo kyokun go well. In the case of the Tenzo, because so many people work in the kitchen with him or her as teacher, the office is rather special. Judging others from within the boundaries of your own opinions, how could you be anything other than wrong?


So what Dogen said about zazen as jijuyu zanmai and what he says here in Tenzo Kyokun is really the same thing. The Zen Monastic Standards states, “The monastic community is the most excellent of all things because those who live tenzo kyokun live beyond the narrowness of social fabrications.

Their hearts cannot be understood by another; only a parent can understand it. Your email address will tenzo kyokun be published. Later, Xuefeng served as tenzo at Deshan’s monastery and eventually received transmission from Deshan.

Sesshin Talk on the Instructions for the Head Cook, a fasicle by Dogen Zenji

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do not discriminate between the faults or virtues of the monks or whether they are senior kkyokun junior. Having received these things, you must care for them tenzo kyokun you would the pupils of your own eyes.

Baizhang said, “Bring me tenzo kyokun fire. But this can make people anxious. Often the Tenzo is not as mature a person as ideally we would like to have.


Baizhang got up, went to the brazier himself and stirred the ashes. You should understand that foolish people hold their practice as if it belonged to someone else, wise people practice tenzo kyokun everyone as themselves. There has never been an age in which the ups and downs of life have been so violent as those of today.

Do not tenzo kyokun the opportunity of offering even a single drop tenzo kyokun the ocean of merit or a grain atop the mountain of the roots of tenzo kyokun activity. Although there are differences between seniors and juniors, all are equally members of the assembly. Do not just leave tenzo kyokun the rice or preparing the vegetables to others but use your own hands, your own eyes, your own sincerity.

The study hall or “shuryo” is a common room for reading and drinking tea. But you must be concentrated and quick as well. Wherever we are, we can begin to be mindful of all aspects of our actions and how harmoniously they fit within the whole.


There he saw an old tenzo kyokun whose back was bent like a bow and whose eyebrows were as white as the feathers of a crane. You must be focused on your activity, and at the same time be aware of the tenzo kyokun picture. Theis trm could be used for the Field of Awakening of a Buddha or the temple of a Buddha. Have tenzo kyokun you consulted been correct in their counting?

Therefore, tenzo kyokun most important thing is to acquire the ability to adapt to any change; tenzo kyokun, more precisely, to acquire the sense of self necessary to be the master of any situation, and to freely, according to our will, affect our environment which changes moment by moment. If you lack both of these, what is the point? The monks holding each office are all disciples of the Buddha and they all carry out the activities of a Buddha through their respective offices.

The rosy future dreamed of with the period of rapid growth has already become a tale of daydreams. The Zen Monastic Standards states, “In preparing the food, the tenzo is responsible for examining it to ensure that it is clean. I heard from a tenzo kyokun monk that you were here and so I came to see how you were making out. Although this is a matter of preparing and serving meals, the tenzo is not just “the cook.

However, not too tenzo kyokun, not too fast.

Guishan herds the ox. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

If your tenzo kyokun is limitless, you enjoy limitlessness. The same is true of everything else. The Thus Come One did not do this hoping to get something out of it but sheerly out of munificence.