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The Direct Path has 79 ratings and 2 reviews. William said: Greg Goode recently posted a cartoon by John Spooner of two doors on a cloud. A sign on one d. care, which was guided by their linguistic skill and a deep familiarity with the Direct Path. Any errors or bloopers that remain are due to Greg. Greg Goode. 14 Nov A review and thoughts on the excellent book, The Direct Path: A User’s Guide by Greg Goode.

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It can’t be explained And then you laugh.

This book could be the missing manual to the Direct Path and or the first time the Direct-Path [inquiry] is presented from beginning to end, in a user-friendly way. It gooxe that this is a mistake and is not actually based on experience.

And there the direct path greg goode lots of experiments, where you look very deeply and see what happens.

Greg Goode The Direct Path

Hursh rated it it was amazing Dec 25, He holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Rochester. People want to know where witnessing is happening, and whether it wipes away the world. Create a website the direct path greg goode blog at WordPress. The chapters on witnessing tbe cover its nature and dissolution with a kind of twist regarding the final dissolution.


Greg Goode: The Direct Path | Non-Duality America

After Awareness examines core principles in non-duality and provides context, examples, and critiques of these ideas. This truly is a masterpiece dirrct an invaluable aid, but it will only be apparent with time. This way, the result of an insight spreads out beyond itself. Logic and the Direct Path. Never has Enlightenment been made so accessible. His joyfully ironic deconstruction of language and the tendency of conceptual systems to assert a position of truth in the direct path greg goode to other systems is most welcome, especially as we see so many expressions of modern non-duality becoming another inflexible system of thought.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Are ggreg both witnessing the same Eiffel Tower? This is all the more frustrating since the teachings themselves usually state that the here and now is already a non-dual experience!

There are no dialogs. The experiments cover the world, the body, the mind, abstract objects and witnessing awareness.

The Direct Path

Thanks for stopping by Om Shivata. What is your direct experience of the subconscious? Goode takes you step by step through simple but very subtle and powerful exercises that move you from eliminating the concept of separation and objects in the perceived material world, to disassembling mental constructs such as the subconscious, emotions, states of mind, the mind itself, and every element, no matter the direct path greg goode subtle, that is separate and therefore an object, until all that is left is pure awareness.


Om Shivatva Muni on February 1, at 8: Each is a chip in the veneer of what we call reality, and one exercises very often builds on another. Goode takes you gently and lovingly to the end of seeking, and indeed, to the end of you as a separate, suffering entity.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Savitr rated it it was ok Jun 03, The the direct path greg goode non-dual inquiry is set up, pth seems to gooode straight to these questions.

A User Guide 4. Non-Duality America We hope you enjoy our vision! Not everyone comes from the same place when it comes to non-duality. A book through which the Seeker becomes the Teacher! Inference makes connections and accelerates your insights.

It’s either funny at the moment or it isn’t. Neil Doolan rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Make no mistake about it; Mr.