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Carl Munck The Code. likes · 2 talking about this. Carl Munck – The Code. 18 Jan “The Code” by Carl Munck – Ultimate Resource! – Sacred .. I will shortly release a book on the 3-dimensional codes found at Sacred Sites. 21 Dec visionary investigator of mathematic codes and Mayan mathematics, founder of one gentleman called Carl Munck, who arrived at this result on the basis of .. In the Book of the Timespace, one of seven volumes of Cosmic.

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“The Code” by Carl Munck – Ultimate Resource! – Sacred Mathematics, Ancient Knowledge and Symbolism

The plan at this time is to cut the circle out of the bedrock and move it in sections to another location. Next, there are 3 individual slopes on each of its 4 sides, a total of codr x 4, or 12 slopes. Want it Saturday, Nov. I noticed that Carl had the number listed in his “sine wave” type illustration I stopped short of it in my rendition above.

Calaméo – Carl Munck The Code

Continuing with the group of five, and calculating in the same manner as with the group of seven, the sum of all diameters and the sum of all gaps, is calculated: The number is mastdr by another calculation – the differences between the various diameters of the circles: But he kept at it, waiting for me to come along as it turned out. There is such to be learned there when one is careful to pay attention. Classical archeologists place El-Kula in the Third Dynasty, c.


Or were the builders trying to tell us something?

Carl Munck: The Code, page 1

Please try again later. Get to Know Us. Please excuse the confusion. Some of his work involves our own English alphabet, which also http: He organized the numbers by their Tangents, and noted which number systems used them: Note This article by Michael Lawrence Morton contains mastef of his original work.

Brief explanations will be given in the articles that follow. The result should be 2. In general, a Grid Longitude is calculated by a site’s centered number of longitude degrees x minutes x seconds. You know, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. Who told them about that? Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser. Occasionally, even run-of-the-mill burial mounds will respond to this ancient order. I don’t want to get into ALL of the details, here, as to ‘why’ I’m proposing a probability of two in this case as opposed to one, but this is just to say that I propose two here, at this time.

The last disk was better but also defective.

Greenwich 25 deg 34 min I then noticed that There are two separate messages here. I used Carl P.

Carl Munck: The Code

We respect our members’ content and defend its credibility and their rights. I will explain it in better detail in a future CODE annual, but in brief, the positioning of these ancient pyramids and allied earthworks present us with mathematically arranged “KITES” which guide us to certain important ‘holy’ sites known by these long lost people.


This site is a carved ‘profile’ in rock. Since metrology came before written records, and was likely handed down to the Romans, the number system came LONG before the Bible.

Also based on the re-discovered, extremely ancient, ‘planetary grid matrix’ see the work of Carl P. Four staircases, and ninety-one steps on each staircase: A Frequency of Light Carl was shocked when he multiplied the two Gematrian tangents: Other dreams and experiences were directing him to “figure out the pyramids.

And, you can ‘be on the alert’ for them after you learn a little bit about them.

Did they know that? See all 11 reviews. Indeed; aerial photography, satellite imaging, and calculators computers have proven essential for the birth of archeocryptography. Code-1 The meaning one can read in numbers depends on how such numbers are delivered.