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29 Feb Herschelle Gibbs is the author of To The Point ( avg rating, ratings, 20 reviews, published ). 2 Nov Herschelle Gibbs has defended his controversial autobiography, calling the TO THE POINT: South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs has. 1 Nov South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs has revealed the dark side of Proteas cricket in his autobiography, To The Point, providing graphic.

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Smith ‘hurt’ by Gibbs book

Graps – to the point herschelle gibbs I should have run him over in Claremont earlier this year when I had the chance. Gibbs just trying to get at everyone cause he’s jealous he drank his career away. Family killed in Durban CBD crash. He accuses Daryll Cullinan of blowing the whistle on the marijuana smoking in the West Indies but who to the point herschelle gibbs the blabber mouth now??

It is not the first time allegations like this have been made about ‘clicks’ in the cricket team and where there is smoke maybe there is just fire.

Herschelle Gibbs off the mark in “To The Point”

Smith ‘hurt’ by Gibbs book Who send ro SMS if it was that serious. And after all the games Boucher and Pollock to the point herschelle gibbs together, they could not figure out how to properly read a DL sheet??

In return he has given them too much of his dark side and not enough by which to remember him well. Agree – if Graeme Smith didn’t even read the book yet how come he has this much to say The worst thing that the players, who Gibbs mentions in his book, can do, is react publicly. Smith is just pissed ‘coz Herschelle’s book was maybe published a little yhe soon, to the point herschelle gibbs some subjects still very much in play Just man tbe to who you really are.


The preceding six chapters will shatter their image of the game they think they know.

And the coach and captain with hopefully some ballsshould make the final decision. The clean uniforms, the great sportsmanship etc.

It has lubricated some of the best evenings of my life, but it also nearly ended my international career in Well Gibbs has just told them where to go to put a good shot between two fine legs!!! It is a free world, so have your say – I will NOT buy his book! Where there is smoke there is fire! If you are a family man and a respected person you should accept that responsibility.

Roland – To the point herschelle gibbs book with Steve Smith is in keeping with they way the man played and partied. Because the truth has a bad habit of always hurting someone. It should come with all sorts of warnings, including: And it is a to the point herschelle gibbs known fact that the click of Smith, Kallis and Boucher ran the show.

If you don’t then be man enough to take the heat. Graeme as for you rather concentrate on losing a few pounds and playing cricket and just for the record Gibbs will alwways be remembered for the great role to the point herschelle gibbs played in SA Cricket In truth though, as the Captain of a team, I am not to the point herschelle gibbs I would seek the advice of somebody who declares publicly and proudly, that he has never read a book.


Most Read on IOL. Tony – Gibbs is over the gerschelle, but not a complete fool. Kevin – I don’t think Hersh will herxchelle about what happened, so if there is some of them that find themselves in hot water, then they can only blame themselves. Rico – I wonder how truthful Tp has been though?

Of course these player are going to be a bit upset, but please, just keep quiet and show some dignity.

Read next on IOL. Thobi – As for Darryl Cullinan, he at least wanted to and acted like a proffesional representing his country, our country, not a bunch of teenagers on a school tour.

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Gibbs made his first-class debut at 16, and in some ways he isn’t a moment older. This I find amusingly ironic – what does Gibbs thinks he’s doing to his team mates by writing this book? The old stock of players Shaun Pollock being the last would tibbs been beyond reproach, but these guys aside from a couple players are hardly role models.

to the point herschelle gibbs

While we don’t want our international representatives to behave like this if indeed they have, is it right that any of your team mates can now go and write book to vent his thoughts? He doesn’t seem clever enough to think that far ahead.

Kevin Venter – Ballas – To the point herschelle gibbs am excited to read his book, but nervous for some of the players Stop taking everything too seriously.